When is the Music Group Greater than the Sum of Its Parts?

What leads to successful and lasting performance careers for music group members? Why did the Beatles break up at the height of their career after less than ten years together, while the internationally known Guarneri String Quartet performed together successfully for over 42 years?? How important, even critical, is teamwork for any music group’s success? When do the individual’s professional and personal needs conflict with group success? When is conflict helpful to a group’s performance and when is it not? Did you know that the rock group Metallica, just as many work organizations do, hired a professional consultant to help them solve interpersonal conflicts within their performance “work” group? In this seminar we will study group process theories, constructs, and research from social and organizational psychology to examine how social and organizational psychology might help explain the success or failure of specific music-related groups including rock groups, string quartets, choruses, orchestras, ballet companies, and opera companies. Among the topics covered will be human control issues and how they affect group performance, individual and group emotional intelligence, and productive and unproductive conflict in groups.


Note: No class will be held on Veterans' Day, Monday, November 11. The seminar will resume on November 18 and continue through December 2.

Group Leader: Teresa Lyons
Venue: Online
Meets on: Monday 3:30 to 5:30 PM
Starting: 10/21/2024
Sessions: 6
Class Size: 20
Teaching Style: Lecture with questions
Weekly Preparation: None
Group Leader Biography:

Teresa Lyons has a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is a Professor Emeritus in Psychology at Salem State University. In 2007 she founded a master’s degree program in I/O Psychology that was later ranked 13th in the United States for curriculum by the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology. As an undergraduate student at Tufts University, she worked in a small groups experimental social psychology laboratory with Dr. Thornton B. Roby. She has continued her interest in group behavior and now concentrates on music related group processes.