A community of shared learning
A community of shared learning
A community of shared learning
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Beacon Hill Seminars is a membership organization of people who have a vigorous interest in continuing their intellectual growth. It promotes the active engagement of members in the learning process and encourages a sense of community among them. Members have the opportunity to take a broad array of courses, conducted in seminar, lecture and other formats.



Beacon Hill Seminars welcomes active participants of any age from anywhere. While most members live in Boston and Cambridge, many others commute from towns north, west and south of the city. All group leaders donate their time.

You must be a member of BHS to take classes in a given academic year. Click the arrow below to learn more.

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Historic Venues

In-person classes are held in historic venues throughout Beacon Hill and Back Bay including King's Chapel Parish House, The Engineering Center, and the Chilton Club. Click the arrow below to learn more.  



Membership in BHS Means...

 Access to 50+ great courses and pop-up programs each year

 Invitations to fall and spring semester kickoffs and other events

 Joining a vibrant, connected community across the Greater Boston area

Beacon Hill and Beyond!


Beacon Hill Seminars enjoys a community of members who live throughout the greater Boston area and beyond. With our in-person courses, you can build community in your backyard. With our selection of online courses, you can participate even when traveling. 


The majority of our members reside in towns across eastern Massachusetts, including those marked on the map below.