President's Letter

Dear Members and Friends,

Do you remember Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York City? What I remember most about him is that he would often ask New Yorkers, “How’m I doin’?”  In my role as board president, I find myself frequently following the mayor’s approach as I ask BHS members, “How’re we doin’?” In their own ways, other board members, probably with no thought whatsoever of the colorful mayor,  also seek such feedback. 

The information we have gained from such outreach has been vital to our stewardship of the program. It has reinforced our confidence in the quality of BHS courses and group leaders. It has strengthened our commitment to providing a broad range of courses that foster active learning and social engagement.  It has expedited our pursuit of technological upgrades in the classroom and  on the website. It has triggered our first Pop-Up (a two-hour, two-day course held last September on the state of American democracy).  

And it has heightened our awareness of specific course topics that are of  interest to members. Some, like a course on art-theft mysteries or the geology  of New England, we have not yet been able to produce. But we are happy to note that in response to member suggestions for a course on understanding Islam, you will find such a course listed in this very catalogue.

As you review the 23 courses offered, we hope you will find more than a few to tempt you. For those ready to jump right into courses in the dead of winter, note you can start as soon as the last week of January. And if you are headed to warmer climes, you will still have a choice of courses awaiting you when you return in the spring.

Our kickoff event this year will be on January 8 at the Church of the Advent. Please join us to learn more about our courses and enjoy the company of fellow BHS members while having wine and appetizers.  Finally, even when we fail to ask, remember that we value your input on all aspects of our program and always welcome knowing “how we’re doin’.”

Mark R. Yessian, President