President's Letter

Dear Members and Friends,

You are receiving this catalogue in the midst of summer. You may well be away, taking in the ocean breezes and the country air. Or, if you are like me, you are spending much of your time in the city, enjoying the slower pace, happily telling tourists how to find the Cheers Bar and exchanging quacks with them as they pass by on a duck boat. In any case, you probably are not thinking just yet about your fall schedule for Beacon Hill Seminars (BHS). But when you DO, know that you will have a tempting array of BHS courses to engage you.

Thumb through this catalogue and you will find 22 courses covering an array of enticing topics. You’ll see some courses that will fit easily into your comfort zone and maybe some that will tempt you to try something different.

Our kickoff event this year will be on Monday, September 11, at the Church of the Advent. As most of you have come to know, this is a great opportunity to catch up with fellow BHS members and zero in on just what courses to take. To help you make your selections, we ask our group leaders to make a tight, threeminute presentation that conveys the essence of the courses they will be leading. Note that in this semester’s catalogue, they specify their teaching style and how many hours of preparation are likely required.  

Our aim in the kickoff event and the catalogue is to help you make wellinformed course selections. Be sure to put them on the registration form in  order of preference. We will then do our best to meet your expectations. Once you are enrolled in a course, we ask that you recognize that it can make a difference to our group leaders and to other class members to have as much continuity in attendance as possible. If after the first class you seek to make a change in a course, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Enjoy these precious last few weeks of summer. And, as the Tempos would sing back in the summer of ’59, “See you in September.” 

Mark R. Yessian