Visual Intelligence

Elizabeth Sanders

Thursdays, March 8 - March 29 (not March 22), April 5 10:00 a.m. - noon 4 sessions
Prescott House, 55 Beacon Street; Museum of Fine Arts

How do you make sense of what you see when you look at an image, especially if that image comes with no caption, headline, links, or other clues about its origins? Art affords an ideal environment for fostering critical and creative thinking. It also provides an object of collective attention for a group to observe and experience. Looking together can heighten one’s enjoyment and engagement with art. We will explore new directions on viewing art together, looking at research on the ability to find meaning in imagery involving a set of skills ranging from simple identification (naming what one sees) to complex interpretation on contextual, metaphoric, and philosophical levels, while together we collectively enhance our visual acuity.

Teaching Style: Conversation    Weekly Preparation: None

    Elizabeth Sanders

    Elizabeth Sanders is a gallery instructor at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and a docent and Winslow Homer Studio Guide at the Portland Museum of Art in Maine. She is a member of the board of directors at Beacon Hill Seminars and serves on the Gallery Instructor Advisory Board at the MFA.