Winslow Homer, an American Icon

Elizabeth Sanders

Tuesdays, October 24 - November 14 10:00 - noon 4 sessions
Prescott House, 55 Beacon Street

Homer worked continuously, starting at an early age influenced by his mother, then  as an apprentice in Boston, an illustrator in New York, a war correspondent, in the North Woods of Canada and the warmth of the Caribbean, on the cost of northeast England and finally at Prouts Neck in Maine. We will explore the career of this American artist from his childhood sketches to the seascapes on the coast of Maine.

Homer has been called the first truly American artist. We’ll search out how he  came to be recognized with that distinction, what and who influenced him, and what is his legacy.

There will also be an optional visit to Homer’s studio on Prouts Neck in  Scarborough, Maine.

Recommended reading: Life and Works of Winslow Homer by William Howe Downes; Winslow Homer by Lloyd Goodrich; and Winslow Homer at Prouts Neck by Philip Beam. Teaching Style:

Lecture with discussion     Weekly Preparation: None

    Elizabeth Sanders

    Elizabeth Sanders is a gallery instructor at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and a docent and Winslow Homer Studio Guide at the Portland Museum of Art in Maine. She is a member of the board of directors at Beacon Hill Seminars and serves on the Gallery Instructor Advisory Board at the MFA.