Monitoring the Media: The Search for Truth and Responsibility

Jeff Schiffman

Thursdays, October 5 - November 9 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. 6 sessions
The Engineering Center, One Walnut Street

This course will trace the history of political coverage by u.S. media set against  the latitude granted by the tradition of freedom of speech, and the doubts raised by growing attacks on the fairness, veracity, and integrity of mainstream reporting and other channels. What is the true role of the media? Does it set itself apart from the fray and report its findings, come what may? Or does it often enter into partisan territory without acknowledging that? 

We’ll explore past and present coverage and decide whether there are such things as real and fake news and facts and alternative facts. We will try to determine what the responsibilities of the media should be and whether it is living up to its obligations. We’ll have assigned readings and viewings each week, but no formal text.  The conversation, as in past Monitoring The Media courses, should be lively, open, and hopefully enlightening. Join us as we go on the search for truth and the media in these murky, contentious times. A knowledge of and comfort with a computer and email are required.

Teaching Style: Seminar     Weekly Preparation: 2 hours

    Jeff Schiffman

    Jeff Schiffman is a longtime media professional, with a creative, managerial, and consulting background in television, radio, and print. He led a similar course at Beacon Hill Seminars last year and apparently survived.